Sold at the Auction Series

Sold on Valentine’s Day

I belong to an exclusive billionaire’s club. We’re having a Valentine’s Day auction. And it’s not for f*cking charity. I have a cabin in Aspen perfect for skiing all day and screwing all night. But I don’t go on dates and this holiday is no exception. I pay a lot of f*cking money to take … Read More

Sold on St. Patrick’s Day

Jade is 19 years old, with curves more luscious than the rolling green hills of Ireland. I guess it’s the luck of the Irish that I get to claim her as my own. But that’s because she was unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. While she was studying in … Read More

Sold as a Fake Fiancee

She needs money. I need a wife so my dad will let me keep all of his.
She’s auctioning herself to billionaires.
But she doesn’t know that this billionaire is bidding for a fake bride.

Sold at the Company Party Novella

He’s a billionaire who bought me at an auction. Now we’re in true love… or so I think. But it’s been a while and Gavin hasn’t proposed. Our friends are getting married and having babies. Will it ever be our turn? I enjoy letting him dominate me in the bedroom. I want to let him … Read More

Sold on Christmas Eve

I’m a 19 year old V-card carrying, overweight nerd. He’s a 38 year old tall, handsome billionaire. I meet him while on a Christmas break ski trip my BFF dragged me on. She says I need to give myself the gift of caring about my own needs for once. I have a feeling this guy … Read More

Sold in Aspen Bonus Novella

It all started in this small winter town. The moment I laid eyes on that hot piece of a** at The Exchange Club, I knew I wanted to possess her, dominate her and claim her as mine. Who would have known she would become my future wife. Now that we’re about to get married, I … Read More

Sold on Spring Break

For the next week, a group of billionaires who call themselves The Exchange Club have taken over my Gulf Coast resort. The desperate jerks buy and sell women like livestock. Please. I’ve never paid for a woman’s company in my life, and I don’t intend to start. That all changes the second I wrap my … Read More