Taking Charge

Big Dick

I just started my dream job as branch manager for a large company. I inherited a mess from my predecessor, though. So one of the owners, Jayden, is sent to help fix it. I really wasn’t looking forward to it. The very need for his presence can be the kiss of death for any branch. … Read More

Big Head

The branch I manage for the big company I work for is in trouble. They even sent one of the owners out to fix it. He’s a cocky, arrogant and sexy boss. Who I can’t seem to resist, as much as I hate him. And if he and I can’t work together to turn things … Read More

Big Shot

My boss Jayden thinks he can change my managerial style. But I’m too stubborn to let him do that. At first, we spend a lot of time fighting each other. But then we start fighting together, to keep his company open. Soon, we become allies in the office and between the sheets. I know I … Read More

Big Heart

I did it: I went and married my former boss. I used to think he was so cocky. But then I found out he sure knew how to use his, um, cock. Our relationship was supposed to be secret and taboo. And it certainly involved sneaking around, which was hot. Sure, we fought a lot, … Read More