Box Sets

Triple Hot Summer: Menage and Reverse Harem Box Set

Just one billionaire was heating up my summer. Now there’s two more wanting to really make it sizzle! I’m starting to think it’s the best summer ever. I never thought three hot, rich guys would all want me. But when they start to fight over me, things get complicated fast. All of them are romantic … Read More

Luxurious Summer: Billionaire Romance Box Set

There’s no one I’d rather spend the summer with. But will we be spending a lifetime together? Chris is hot, tall and rich. And his washboard abs look great on the beach. He tells me he wants to take my virginity. Which I’ve been holding onto due to fear of attachment. I’m only at this … Read More

Safe In His Arms

Being with him is a dangerous risk. So why does he make me feel so safe? Spencer has the reputation of being a bad boy player. So, it’s thrilling to let him take down my panties, and take me for my very first time. But I tell myself it has to be the only time. … Read More

His Curvy Girl Box Set Collection

He wants my curves, but they’re off limits. Yet he never lets a little thing like rules get in the way. Leave it to me to finally fall hard for a guy… only to find out that he’s my new stepbrother! Corey and I have to stay far away from each other. Even though both … Read More

Buying Her Curves at the Auction Box Set – Books 1-3

I can buy anything I want. And I want to claim her curves. For good. When people hear “auction,” they usually think antiques. But Club Curves deals in something different. The club caters to men like me, with particular tastes. Billionaires who love curvy, beautiful virgins. It’s the perfect arrangement for the woman and me. … Read More