Cameron Collins

In His Arms

I can’t believe my Tindr date stood me up. He even brought another date to the same restaurant. At the same time that he was supposed to meet me! But then a handsome guy rescues me from embarrassment. By pretending to be my date for the evening. It’s clearly because he wants in my bed … Read More

In All The Way

  Andres is hot as hell and he knows it. He’s full of talk and tries to convince me of a lot of things. Such as the fact that he’s a reformed bad boy. That I have the most gorgeous curves he’s ever seen. That he wants to settle down with me. And that my … Read More

In Deep Trouble

I’ve had a run of bad luck lately. First I found out my ex was cheating on me. Then I learned he did this to a friend of mine in the past. And everyone knew about it except for me. Including my friend’s brother, whom I just met. He swoops in and offers to heal … Read More

In It For Real

  Sal is the rich, handsome friend of my cousin Rayneli’s husband Stephen. As soon as we meet, sparks fly. But neither of us think the other is the type for a real relationship. Then I find out that Sal needs a wife and baby, pronto. His mom’s in poor health; he wants her to … Read More

In Too Deep

I’m shocked to discover my best friend Teresa went and got married. After only knowing her husband Campbell for a week! I’m trying to get the deets from her but she only wants to celebrate. While we’re doing that, I meet Campbell’s friend Stephen. He’s a rich athlete who is panty-melting hot. I can tell … Read More

In Deep

Dating is brutal. Just when I landed a hot Tindr date, he was a no show. To my surprise, an even hotter guy stepped in to rescue me from embarrassment. Campbell said there was no way he’d let my hot, curvy body be stood up. And it soon becomes clear he wants to enjoy it … Read More

Inked in Protection

Aleah is ten years younger than me and I’m her brother’s best friend. I’ve always wanted her but it would only complicate things. He’s the manager of my boxing career. And he’s worked out a deal with his friend Ryan at Dark Ink. They cross-promote the tattoo shop and my fights. Since he’s focused on … Read More

Inked in Joy

He’s bad news. So why does he feel so good? Bella: My dad’s friend Manny is a lot older than I am. I also know they’re in some sort of dispute. I should stay away from Manny’s chiseled, tatted body. But when he threatens to kidnap me, I let him! It’s Christmas and I want … Read More

Wed in Vegas

Everything between Ryan and me is going great. We have out of this world, mind-blowing sex. And our wedding is planned perfectly, since he’s rolling in dough. I can’t wait to get married to him in just a few days. But I miss my family back home in Russia. And I’ve been itching to start … Read More

Won at the Poker Table

 The Vulture is the most evil man I know. But when he dangles his latest catch in front of me, I can’t resist. Illusion has the face of an angel and a body made for the city of sin. Just the sight of her makes me hard and I can hardly keep myself in control. … Read More