Juliana Conners

Out of His League Complete Series Box Set Collection

Her dad will kill me if I touch her. Yet I plan to do a lot more than that to her. I’m the star quarterback on my football team. And Chelsea is my coach’s daughter. He says she’s off limits for any player to date. But I’m not just any f*cking player. I go after … Read More

Spring Has Sprung

The weather is so nice… that something’s come out to play. As things are warming up outside, they’re also heating up in the office. My new boss is so rich. And so hot. I need to stay far away, though. And not just because he’s a player. But also because I could lose my job. … Read More

Rough Ride

When I see Nova on the side of the road, it’s like a match made in Heaven… or Hell. Because she could get me into a lot of trouble. Still, I’m Irish and it’s St. Patrick’s Day. And I can’t help but think she’s my lucky charm. Her curvy ass cheeks peek out from her … Read More

His Curvy Stepsister

Vanessa is so hot. But I can’t put my hands on her. Because she’s my little stepsister. Or at least she was. But she’s grown now. And our parents are divorced. Society still seems to think we’re forbidden. But I do what the f*ck I want. And what I want is to f*ck her. I … Read More

Working Harder

My new, older boss is so demanding. He wants to be in control of my every move. However, when he tells me to give him my virginity, I can’t resist the order. Now we are working morning, noon, and night. He’s got me tied up in more than paperwork. But no one can know! We … Read More

Working Hard

My boss’s proposition is surprising. Sure, we’ve been flirting for a while. But anything more is forbidden. We’d both lose our jobs. And he’s twice my age. Yet I can’t help but give in. I’ve never done it before. And he’s good at teaching me things. We agree to have just one time together. I … Read More

Hard At Work

But I couldn’t help it. Yeah, he’s a lot older than I am. And he’s really cocky. But he’s also hot… and powerful. So, I let him take my virginity. And now I want to do it again. We have to keep it secret though. Or we’ll both get in trouble at work. I tell … Read More

Inked in Infinity

A girl walks into my tattoo parlor. And asks me to ink her breast. She’s new in town. And just my type. But she’s my buddy’s wife’s best friend. And he tells me to leave her alone. Because wherever I go, and no matter who I hook up with, I only leave a trail of … Read More

In His Arms

I can’t believe my Tindr date stood me up. He even brought another date to the same restaurant. At the same time that he was supposed to meet me! But then a handsome guy rescues me from embarrassment. By pretending to be my date for the evening. It’s clearly because he wants in my bed … Read More

Hot Holiday Romance Collection

All I wanted for Christmas was to lose my virginity. With my hot alpha male, I got my wish and more. Now we’re seeing each other all the time. But he’s known as a bad boy player. And his military past is shrouded in mystery. My p*ssy wants to melt in his hand like a … Read More