Penny Madison

Buying Her Curves at the Auction Box Set – Books 1-3

I can buy anything I want. And I want to claim her curves. For good. When people hear “auction,” they usually think antiques. But Club Curves deals in something different. The club caters to men like me, with particular tastes. Billionaires who love curvy, beautiful virgins. It’s the perfect arrangement for the woman and me. … Read More

Claiming Her Curves

I want her to be my curvy Halloween treat. I’ve been coming to Club Luscious for a long time. But I’ve never seen such gorgeous curves as Fern has. She thinks she’s just here for a Halloween party. Yet I can’t wait to teach her some tricks. And to claim her sweet little cherry as … Read More

Buying Her Curves On Her Birthday

When people say “auction,” most people think about antiques, but Club Curves plays a very different game indeed. The club caters to men like me, with particular tastes: billionaires who love curvy, beautiful women. It’s the perfect arrangement. I pay, we play, then she goes on her way. And everyone knows that it’s a one-time … Read More