Brother's Best Friend

Out of His League Complete Series Box Set Collection

Her dad will kill me if I touch her. Yet I plan to do a lot more than that to her. I’m the star quarterback on my football team. And Chelsea is my coach’s daughter. He says she’s off limits for any player to date. But I’m not just any f*cking player. I go after … Read More

In Deep Trouble

I’ve had a run of bad luck lately. First I found out my ex was cheating on me. Then I learned he did this to a friend of mine in the past. And everyone knew about it except for me. Including my friend’s brother, whom I just met. He swoops in and offers to heal … Read More

Inked in Protection

Aleah is ten years younger than me and I’m her brother’s best friend. I’ve always wanted her but it would only complicate things. He’s the manager of my boxing career. And he’s worked out a deal with his friend Ryan at Dark Ink. They cross-promote the tattoo shop and my fights. Since he’s focused on … Read More

Hot Mamas

I never thought I’d hook up with my boss. But he’s known for taking what he wants. And he wanted me. The pregnancy was a surprise. It could only get us into even more trouble. But he says he’s going to claim what’s his. No matter the risk. Hot Mamas is a collection of 6 … Read More

Falling Again

Ten years ago my brother’s best friend left for the SEALs. He also left me lonely and confused. He never came back to me and I didn’t know why. Since then, it’s felt like my life has been one wrong turn after another. Like everything has been sliding into a figurative sinkhole. Then I fall … Read More

Out of Time

Hayley is my best friend’s sister. Make that EX best friend. And she’s also my ex. Things were great back when I played football with Wesley and then secretly f*cked his little sister. But I didn’t have a squeaky-clean image. When he found out, he said I needed to stay away. He thinks I’m bad … Read More