Tackled by the Team

They want to pass me around like a football. And I want to let them. I’ve lived a boring life in my small town of Morgansboro. And I’m always pining away for my high school ex, Scott. I’m still a virgin because he’s the only guy I’ve ever wanted. But he left to play football … Read More

Opened… by my Three Bosses

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for my bosses to stuff me full. I’ve been dating all three of my bosses at once. Each of them are trying to prove himself to me. Because each wants me to pick him as my boyfriend. Yet they’re a lot older, richer and more powerful than … Read More

Disciplined… By My Three Bosses

My bosses are making a list and checking it thrice. They’re gonna find out who’s been bratty or nice. And I’m definitely on their naughty list… ever since I hooked up with all three of them… at our office Christmas party. It was so hot we keep doing it again and again. But now they’re … Read More

We Three Shifter Kings (Bethel Forest Series Collection)

Fantasy/Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance Collection of Three Books and A New Story! These three hot wolf shifters are kings of the forest. But they need my help to save it from an evil witch. And their wise plan involves sharing me. For my very first time. I have an aunt I’ve never met. She lives … Read More

Shared… by my Three Bosses

It’s beginning to look a lot like… a Christmas foursome! I can’t get Rosalyn Tracy out of my mind. All I can think about is getting deep inside her p*ssy. And I’m starting to wonder if the feeling is mutual. Because she writes articles about sex for a blog I co-own. And her latest post … Read More

Unwrapped… By My Three Bosses

‘Tis the season to be… undressed by all three of my bosses! I’m brand new at my job, writing about sex for a magazine. The ironic thing is that I’m a virgin. I’d like to change that but it’s hard to find the right guy. Sure, the three higher-up bosses at my company are hot. … Read More

Three Handsome Shifters

I’m supposed to be saving Bethel Forest. But it’ll take three hot shifters to help me do it. I was called to Bethel Forest, where I’d never been. And told to follow the North Star. All because of dark secrets from my past. Some of which I don’t even know about. I’m looking for answers, … Read More

Five Billionaires Falling For Me

A relaunch of Five Billionaires for Labor Day, brought to you by NEW sizzling hot menage and reverse harem authors Cammie Collins and R. Ramsay! I’m tired of my normal life and ready to turn over a new leaf. By turning over and over for five guys at once?! I can’t believe it when my … Read More

Four in the Sand

  I’ve always been ambitious, working hard at my career. Now I’m in California, as the lawyer my firm chose to send me for a big case. But I got distracted when I saw two sexy surfers on the beach. They showed me all the fun we can have together in the water. They’re gay … Read More

Sold on the Fourth of July

My boyfriend Scott and I love each other, and we’re deliriously happy. Everyone we meet comments on how perfect “Scott and Shelby” are together. Our friends back home even jokingly refer to us as the “S.S. Love.” because of our initials. But I’m the only one who knows Scott’s biggest secret: He’s bisexual. He kept … Read More