Three Handsome Shifters

I’m supposed to be saving Bethel Forest. But it’ll take three hot shifters to help me do it. I was called to Bethel Forest, where I’d never been. And told to follow the North Star. All because of dark secrets from my past. Some of which I don’t even know about. I’m looking for answers, … Read More

Two Rival Wolves

They each want my help and they both want me. Maybe the three of us can work out a mutually beneficial deal. I’m in Bethel Forest, far from home. Melchior’s the alpha wolf shifter who called me here. And he’s also supposed to be my guide. But he won’t even let me know why he … Read More

An Alpha In A Pear Tree

I’ve never had a life and sadly I still have my v-card. Then I find out that giving it up can help me gain magical powers. This Christmas, things will get a lot more interesting for me! Not to mention steamy AF!   I’ve been sheltered and bored my whole life. My mom died when … Read More

Guarded By The Alpha

   Avery is a stranger to my little town of Blue Creek. This sexy woman shows up out of nowhere. I offer her my rental house. But what I really want to give her is my body. I can sense she’s in trouble but she won’t admit it. As the town sheriff, it’s my job … Read More

Marrying the Alpha

It’s a double wedding. And a triple scare. I never thought I’d love again after my husband was killed in a pack fight. But then I started dating my friend Ethan. This hot alpha knows how to heal my heart while pleasing my body. He also protected me when a wolf from my past popped … Read More

Fenrir Pack Werewolf Shifter Paranormal Romance Box Set

It turns out this man is named Trey. And that he has a very hot brother named Kalen. Kalen looks at me like he wants to protect me in these woods. And also like he wants to tear my clothes off in them. But as I find out why Trey was really injured, things start … Read More