Secret Baby

Safe In His Arms

Being with him is a dangerous risk. So why does he make me feel so safe? Spencer has the reputation of being a bad boy player. So, it’s thrilling to let him take down my panties, and take me for my very first time. But I tell myself it has to be the only time. … Read More


I can’t get enough of my hot boss, Michael. He’s old enough to be my dad. And he has secrets no one around the office knows. Not even me, and we work together constantly. We’ve helped expand Reed & Co.’s client base. And it involves being in close quarters together. But I swear he wants … Read More

Daddy’s Home

We were high school sweethearts that her cruel dad broke up. He forced her to marry a jerk for his own financial benefit. Now, I’ve tried my best to move on without her. But I can’t forget her amazing curves or her gorgeous eyes. I concentrate on college and on becoming a forensic detective. All … Read More

His Curvy Dancer

Kaitlynn is my employee and she’s only half my age. I know I should leave my hands off her. But I want them all over her gorgeous, curvy body. Especially when I watch it move like the skilled dancer she is. I decide to make her show off for me on a private stage. And … Read More

Keeping Her Warm Box Set

This box set features even MORE of our HOTTEST wintertime reads! There’s a chill in the air, but even the winter season can’t cool down the heat in these steamy stories! In Snowed in with My 2 Bosses, being trapped with her two billionaire bosses turns out to be the time of her life, but … Read More

His Curvy Catch

She’s caught my eye, but I don’t let anyone catch my heart. As a billionaire football player with thousands of adoring fans, I could easily have my pick of women. But to be honest, none have sparked my interest since my fiancée’s death. And living life as a celebrity means, frankly, that most of the … Read More

Warm with Him Box Set

This box set features some of our HOTTEST wintertime reads, plus an ALL NEW bonus story! There’s a chill in the air, but even the winter season can’t cool down the heat in these steamy stories! In Mountain Man’s Baby, things go from cozy to downright steamy in this isolated cabin when he convinces her … Read More

Holiday Redemption Volume 2 Box Set Collection

In these four books, three different couples get a second chance at love- not to mention a way to fulfill a lot of pent-up lust- during a holiday. In Love Bunny, her ex wants to put his eggs in her basket this Easter, but she’s carrying a little secret of her own! In Irish Cream, … Read More