In All The Way



I wasn’t supposed to let him this far in.

Andres is hot as hell and he knows it.
He’s full of talk and tries to convince me of a lot of things.
Such as the fact that he’s a reformed bad boy.
That I have the most gorgeous curves he’s ever seen.
That he wants to settle down with me.
And that my life will be infinitely better with him in it.
Because he’s rich and can invest in my yoga studio.
But I think it all seems too good to be true.
I’ve had my heart broken by a sweet-talking bad boy before.
And I don’t think I could trust anyone ever again.
Yet how could I resist his six pack abs and inked pecs?
I tell Andres we’ll just have fun.
I’ll open my legs for him, but not my heart.
Still, he’s determined to claim me as his own.

I want to keep him in my bed but out of my life.
But I might have slipped up and let him slide in too deep.

In All the Way is a standalone steamy brother’s best friend, enemies to lovers bad boy romance novel. It is part of the In Deep series that follows friends and has a shared setting, so they’re perfect for binge-reading. If you’d like to read the first three book in the series, you can find them in In DeepIn Too Deep, In It For Real and In Deep Trouble. However, it isn’t necessary to read those stories to understand this one.

In All the Way has no cheating, no cliffhangers and a very happy ending! Published on April 17, 2020, this new release is hot off the Sizzling Hot Reads presses and you can get it for only $3.99 for a limited time.