Inked in Danger

This single mom is double trouble.


I’m just doing my thing, protecting kids in court from abusers with my biker gang,

while also running my own tattoo shop.

Then she drops into my life.

With her slender waist and stunning curves.

And that cleavage peeping out from the blouse I want to rip off her.

But I’m here to protect her and her kid from a deranged boss who is threatening them.

It looks like I got more than I bargained for in this new case I was called into.

At first, it’s business as usual between us, a normal part of the protection gig.

But then I find I can’t hand off her case to any other man.

And I don’t want to keep my own hands off her.

That’s when I know I’m in too deep.

I’m supposed to look out for them- and for my career.


Can I protect her little family while also wanting to make a family of my own with her?


Inked in Danger is a full length novel with no cliffhangers, no cheating and a happy ever after. It is book 2 in the standalone Dark Ink series, which can be read in any order. Stay tuned for the remaining books in this series coming soon, in which Juliana Conners has teamed up with brand new author Cameron Collins to blend her steamy spicy style with his bad boy ways, with juicy bonuses available for the exclusive enjoyment of Sizzling Hot Reads fans only!