My boss and I did something very bad.
But it feels so good we can’t stop.

I gave my older, rich boss my virginity.
And we started falling in love.
But now his boss is onto us.
And I don’t want any drama at work.
Plus, my dad is sick and needs my help on our family farm.
So I leave the city and disappear.
And yet my boss finds me- three and a half hours away.
He says he can’t live without me.
He needs my curvy body and soft kisses.
And he’s addicted to the feeling of being inside me.
My mom invites him to stay for dinner,
because our harvest has been plentiful.
But now we have to hide our relationship double time.
From work, as well as from my family.
No one would understand us, although we’re both happy.

Our forbidden, blossoming love is dangerous yet exciting.
But can we let it grow in the light of day for all to see?

 is an autumn-themed office romance featuring a billionaire boss and a curvy virgin. This fun, flirty fall read has no cheating or cliffhanger, but it does have a happily ever after and plenty of heat to warm up these chilly nights!

This book continues Carly and Wes’s story from Bountiful. It’s not necessary to read that book to understand this one, but if you’d like to catch up with the beginning of their story, here’s the link – and it’s currently half off as part of Sizzling Hot Reads’ store-wide 50% off sale, so you can read it now for only $1.59.

Published on November 29, 2020, Plentiful is $2.99 and, as a brand new release, is excluded from the store-wide sale but when you grab it, be sure to stock up on all our other books on sale with the PROMO CODE NOV20 and enjoy!