Dark Ink Series

Inked in Protection

Aleah is ten years younger than me and I’m her brother’s best friend. I’ve always wanted her but it would only complicate things. He’s the manager of my boxing career. And he’s worked out a deal with his friend Ryan at Dark Ink. They cross-promote the tattoo shop and my fights. Since he’s focused on … Read More

Inked in Joy

He’s bad news. So why does he feel so good? Bella: My dad’s friend Manny is a lot older than I am. I also know they’re in some sort of dispute. I should stay away from Manny’s chiseled, tatted body. But when he threatens to kidnap me, I let him! It’s Christmas and I want … Read More

Inked in the Past

I’ve always hated my brother’s opponent; he basically killed him. Now, years later, my brother has left instructions to deliver a mysterious letter to his former rival. So I have no choice but to face the “killer wrestler” again. But I don’t expect him to be so hot. Next thing I know, a drunken night in Vegas leads to holy matrimony… between me and my brother’s killer! Can our unlikely, fragile relationship last when I finally learn what’s in that letter?

Inked in Danger

I’m just doing my thing, protecting kids in court from abusers with my biker gang, while also running my own tattoo shop. Then she drops into my life. With her slender waist and stunning curves. And that cleavage peeping out from the blouse I want to rip off her. But I’m here to protect her … Read More

Inked in Vice

Lanora’s a detective working a criminal case. And she thinks I might be able to help her out. One of my old high school buddies is a prime suspect. He’s invited me to find out more about his operation. He thinks I might want in, but he couldn’t be more wrong. Lanora wants me to … Read More

Inked in Love

All my friends who own Dark Ink tattoo parlor with me are settling down. Not me. I do a lot of crazy things. Including a lot of girls. But I don’t fucking do commitment. But then Sera Waters walks into Dark Ink and asks me to tattoo her left breast. Turns out she’s the best … Read More