Fenrir Pack

Loved by the Alpha

I can’t resist him, but can I believe who he truly is? My life changed forever on the road through the forest. I was just doing my duty as a nurse when I saved a man. But his brother is the one who really caught my eye. Tall and in charge, he looks so strong … Read More

Protected by the Wolf Pack

He’s a cocky stranger with a secret. But I can’t resist him. Crap, I made a big mistake. Now I have to run to my sister’s house to escape my ex. I’m in desperate need of protection. It turns out my sister has a new man. And he has a tall, strong and handsome brother. … Read More

Finding My Alpha

I shouldn’t be with him, but I can’t resist. After losing my husband in a werewolf pack dispute, I never thought I would find love again. Especially not in the arms of a rival alpha. Ethan is hot and demanding, a natural leader. He and his pack are working at my family’s cabin, to make … Read More

Marrying the Alpha

It’s a double wedding. And a triple scare. I never thought I’d love again after my husband was killed in a pack fight. But then I started dating my friend Ethan. This hot alpha knows how to heal my heart while pleasing my body. He also protected me when a wolf from my past popped … Read More