His Curvy Love

His Curvy Girl Box Set Collection

He wants my curves, but they’re off limits. Yet he never lets a little thing like rules get in the way. Leave it to me to finally fall hard for a guy… only to find out that he’s my new stepbrother! Corey and I have to stay far away from each other. Even though both … Read More

His Curvy Stepsister

Vanessa is so hot. But I can’t put my hands on her. Because she’s my little stepsister. Or at least she was. But she’s grown now. And our parents are divorced. Society still seems to think we’re forbidden. But I do what the f*ck I want. And what I want is to f*ck her. I … Read More

His Business Partner’s Curvy Daughter

  There are so many reasons why I should stay away. Number one, she’s the daughter of my best friend. Number two, my best friend is also my business partner. So things could get messy on so many fronts. Not to mention that she’s only half my age. And that my life is already complicated … Read More

His Curvy Dancer

Kaitlynn is my employee and she’s only half my age. I know I should leave my hands off her. But I want them all over her gorgeous, curvy body. Especially when I watch it move like the skilled dancer she is. I decide to make her show off for me on a private stage. And … Read More

His Curvy Student

At this point in my life, I have everything a man could want. A tenured professorship at an elite college. A lot of money. And submissive “pets” at a BDSM club. Or at least I did have that last part. Until I got bored of searching for the perfect pet. And into trouble with the … Read More

His Curvy Charm

  Work sent me to Vegas for a stupid conference on St. Patrick’s Day. I’m bummed until I meet curvy, gorgeous Amber. I move in fast, and she returns my advances. She was doomed to the same fate I was: a boring work trip to Vegas. But she wore a lucky charm bracelet to bring … Read More

His Curvy Fake Girlfriend

After my ex cheated on me, I was out a lot of money for a tropical couples’ vacation. My buddy and his girlfriend and I had planned the trip long ago. The resort required couples come together and it was too late for cancellations. I was willing to pay someone to go with me and … Read More

His Curvy Virgin

At work, I’m an alpha male who rose to billionaire status. Inside, though, I suffer from crippling social anxiety. I have plenty of money for escorts and sex. But I want companionship and love. So I do what I know how to do best. I let my money speak for me by placing an ad … Read More

His Curvy Valentine

  After catching my ex-girlfriend cheating and kicking her out, Valentine’s Day was the last thing on my mind. Until I find cute, curvy Elena in my seat at the movies. I immediately want to offer her a seat on my c*ck instead.  She thinks I look like the superhero on the screen and I … Read More

His Best Friend’s Curvy Daughter

As a pro football player, sponsorships have made me rich. I can have my choice of women. So why do I only want my best friend’s step-daughter? I tell myself that being with her would be a bad idea. She’s only 19; I’m nearly twice her age. But I want to kiss her full lips. … Read More