Sold to the Gang Series

Sold On Labor Day

I’ve always had a thing for my two bosses, Mark and Dre. And I’ve also had a feeling that they have a thing for each other. No one acts on the obvious emotions going around the office. Especially not since we’re up for an award from a local magazine. We all have to be on … Read More

Sold at the Office New Year’s Eve Party

My two handsome bosses have a special project for me. It’s to help them welcome in the new year with a double bang.  I’ve never been with even one guy. But now my two rich, handsome bosses are fighting over me. They both want me for my very first time. They’ve even set up a … Read More

Sold for the Holidays Bonus Novella

They bought my virginity for the holidays. But now they want to marry me on Christmas Eve. And keep me as their special gift forever. Three handsome billionaires bought me at an auction on Thanksgiving. I was too shy to offer up my virginity. So they bid on the chance to give me oral sex. … Read More

Sold at the Office Christmas Party

This year’s office Christmas party is different from the rest. My handsome boss has brought an equally sexy friend. They both want to get with me, and the feeling is mutual. His friend knows of a special kind of “party company.” One that hosts auctions for billionaires. My boss wants to buy my virginity. And … Read More

Sold at the Christmas Party

Three guys and one girl are under a mistletoe. All of them kissing each other… Sarah I don’t plan to enjoy selling my virginity. I just need tuition money. So I sign up for a Christmas party for billionaires. Where Santa will auction me off to the highest bidder. It turns out that not just … Read More

Sold and Re-Gifted

My friends Natalie and Stephanie invite me to a party. But I soon find out it’s where billionaires bid on virgins! I can’t believe it and I really want to leave. But handsome Kenneth convinces me to stay. He says “Renee, you don’t have to give it all up.” He and his friends want to … Read More

Sold at the Mansion on Thanksgiving

I’ve been wanting to lose my virginity. How about to four guys at once? This Thanksgiving seems like the perfect time. My friend Samantha invites me to the Foster Mansion. It’s known for having wild, kinky parties. But I didn’t know exactly what went on there. I soon find out it’s auctions, where billionaires buy … Read More

Sold On The Beach

I’m on vacation, and I’ve decided I’m ready to go wild. My strict, religious upbringing means I haven’t experienced a lot of fun. Or much of anything. I’m a virgin, to say the least. During college I meet rich, hot Brett, who becomes my best friend. He takes me to Miami with his frat brothers … Read More

Sold at the Games

They want to take me for my very first time. 
All three of them, at once. I don’t know how I’ll ever pick which one I want to end up with for good.
But what if I don’t have to choose?