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Don’t Say A Word

Lacey’s my assigned public relations manager. She’s supposed to make sure I’m good from now on. But they don’t call me a bad boy for nothing. I take what I want, and I want a hot one night stand with her. Before I know it, I’m addicted, craving just one more hit. What results is … Read More

Don’t Forget About Me

What Sadie and I had together back in high school was so good. The hot passion. The tender love. The amazing chemistry. On prom night, a horrible accident wiped her memory clean and even made her push me away. Five years later, I’m a filthy rich megastar and I can take what I want, except … Read More

Don’t Stand So Close

Back in the day, I was best friends with Kyle, whose twin sister Kina was awkward and gawky. These days, I’m a billionaire football player who can have any girl I want. When I run into Kina, I can’t believe how she’s filled out into that curvy, seductive body. I want her, even though her … Read More

Don’t Stop Believing Novella

Life as a part of the Florida sharks can be tough, But life with a fiery-tempered wife can be even tougher. It’s incredible when that fire heats up the bedroom, But could it also burn our relationship to the ground? I will fight for her, always, But how can I fight for her when she’s … Read More

Don’t Come Around Here

I get what I want. Money, fame, status. Except for the one thing I had to give up: Carly. We were each other’s first kiss, first f*ck, first love. Until her strict dad found out and told me not to come around anymore. I could never forget her curvy body and feisty attitude. We’re both … Read More

Don’t Walk Away

Back when Maya and I were together, I was young and selfish. I had to move away from her, to play football. But I’ve never been able to forget her feisty personality or gorgeous curves. So I can’t believe it when I run into her again, and see her sultry eyes staring back at me. … Read More

Don’t Worry Baby

In high school I was the ugly duckling and Nick was the dreamy football star I tutored. He didn’t pay me any attention back then, but now we’ve both ended up in Miami. He’s hotter than ever, with a lucrative career on the rise. Meanwhile, I shed my feathers and turned into a swan. Now, … Read More

Don’t Let Me Go Novella

Life as a Florida Sharks football player is tough. But deciding the future of my life is even tougher. I was offered a job in LA. A new team, new city, new lifestyle. While it would be great for my career, I’m afraid my relationships won’t be able to survive. Could it all work out … Read More