Working 4 ME

Dancing 2 Hard

I work as a maid at ME Hotel, short for The Maine Hotel. There must be something in the water here. Because everyone is getting into “throuple” relationships! But not me – I’ve been happily married to Morris for years. Sure, the idea sounds fun, but it couldn’t really work, right? Even though it has … Read More

Snowed In with My 2 Bosses

I’m one of only a few employees working at The Maine Hotel during a big blizzard. I’ve always had a crush on my two hot bosses, but I didn’t know they knew I existed until we got snowed in together. Then they suggest we pass the time with a pie eating contest. But pie, they … Read More

Falling For My 2 Bosses

I’m having an awful day and I need to get to work and then home to cook Thanksgiving dinner. But a big Maine snowstorm is slowing me down. As are the antics of my young son and narcissistic mother, both of whom seem to be on about the same age level. But as a single … Read More

Working 2 Hard

Both of my fine, fit bosses work hard and play harder. I can’t help but get distracted. Luckily, this work comes as second nature. Also luckily, nature takes over all of us. But before we can tame our wild impulses, I’m forced to confront my painful past, and my greatest enemy. Can our newfound bliss … Read More