Taken on the Office Desk…By My Three Bosses

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7 months ago

Taken on the Office Desk…By My Three Bosses

“You know you like it,” he said. “Stop putting up a fight.”

“Yes, Boss,” I said, and it was easy for me to back down because the pain was already turning into pleasure.

This story is a bonus scene for my book Unwrapped…By My Three Bosses. Were you wondering what Rosalyn was thinking about in the fantasies she was having about her bosses at work? Well, now you can find out! This story continues her dirty thoughts that were started in Scene 1 of this bonus story (available for Sizzling Hot Reads newsletter subscribers only, click here to get it),

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Unwrapped…By My Three Bosses
, SCENE 2:


I was in heaven, in my fantasies, anyway, and in the bathroom stall at work while I thought about what I wanted my three hot bosses to do with me. Although the journey from my desk to the restroom had been a frustrating one to take, I was now back to thinking about having Ken’s cock in my mouth while Drew was spanking my ass and Beau was grabbing, squeezing and spanking my tits.

Ken’s cock felt like liquid silk, sliding slowly down my throat as I moved my tongue around it. Every moan and movement of pleasure that left his lips was matched by a tingle in me, intensifying as he became more aroused. His dick pulsed in my throat, making me puff out my cheeks to be able to accommodate his wide girth.

“Good girl,” he said approvingly, as he looked down at me. “You suck your boss’s cock so well.”

“That’s exactly why you’re getting spanked,” Drew said, as his hand came down on my ass cheek again, leaving another red welt. “You’re mine and I’m marking you as such. How dare you act like such an office whore and suck on Ken’s cock?”

“I don’t mind her being a little office slut,” Beau remarked, as he squeezed my nipples, “just as long as she shares with me.”

“Well, I’m going to be the one to take her pussy,” Drew said, as I felt his stiff rod up against my ass.

He still had me bent over the desk, where I was servicing Ken on one side of it and being spanked on the other side. But now he pushed me all the way up against it as his huge shaft filled up my tiny pussy.

“Oh, Boss, that hurts,” I called out, but he grabbed my ass and squeezed it.

“You know you like it,” he said. “Stop putting up a fight.”

“Yes, Boss,” I said, and it was easy for me to back down because the pain was already turning into pleasure.

“It feels so good when I stuff your little pussy full, doesn’t it?” he asked. “When I cram your tight little cunt with my cock?”

“Oh, yes, Boss,” I moaned.

“That’s it,” Beau said, giving my tits a final slap before stepping away. “If you get her pussy, I get her ass.”

He walked around behind me and started massaging my ass hole. In real life, I was sure this was hurt, but in my fantasy, I actually enjoyed how he stretched it wide open, getting it nice and ready for his cock.

Just to be safe, he put lube on it too, before beginning to inch the head of his cock into it.

“Oh, oooh,” I moaned, and winced as his big cock pushed itself into my ass hole.

“I know it’s a tight squeeze but it will feel good soon enough,” he reassured me as he kept going.

I had to admit it did feel nice to have one of my bosses’ cocks in my pussy while the other’s was lodged deep in my ass hole. He began to pick up the pace, pushing his hips against mine in a slow rhythm. I felt like I was melting as I felt every inch of him inside me.

“That’s my girl,” said Beau, as he fucked my ass hole harder and harder. “Let your bosses do whatever they want to you, just like that. You’re giving us such a great Christmas gift.”

I wanted it to be a gift we could all enjoy all year long. I felt Ken’s cock pulsing in my mouth and looked up at him, realizing he was about to cum.

“Fuck yeah, you dirty little office slut,” he said, as his dick throbbed in my jaw. “You’re ready to eat my cum, while your other two bosses fill up your cunt and ass with their cum, too, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Boss,” I said, as I felt him release inside my mouth.

His warmth enveloped me and the flavor of his seed filled me up until we seemed to be one together, both experiencing this rapturous moment at the same time, because Drew’s thrusts inside my pussy were making me cum too.

“Oh, yeah,” I moaned, and now it was Ken’s turn to reach over and slap my ass.

“You dirty little whore,” he chided me. “Look at you cumming all over Drew’s cock while slurping down my cum. You just want more and more of your bosses’ jizz, don’t you?”

“Yes, Boss,” I admitted, feeling ashamed of myself as he slapped me harder and harder. “I’m your little office whore and you can do whatever you want to me.”

“Good,” Beau said, as his cock was deep inside my ass. “Because I’m fucking this ass of yours like Christmas came just a little early this year, and I’m about to cum, too!”

Sure enough, moments later, Beau erupted inside me, filling my ass with his cum. I could feel the pressure of it coursing through my body as he continued to thrust deep inside me until he was done releasing his load.

Right after that, I could feel Drew’s cock start to pulse inside my pussy.

“Now it’s my turn to cum and to fill up this pussy of yours with my seed,” he said. “These other guys may have filled up some of your holes, but this is the only one that counts. This is the one that could get you pregnant with my baby.”

I was surprised when he said that, and a bit worried, because none of them were wearing condoms. I had enjoyed feeling their raw, naked skin inside my own, but I hadn’t been thinking about where it could lead.

But I reminded myself that this was just fantasy, although clearly there was a part of me that was secretly thrilled about the thought of one of my bosses putting a baby in me!

The pleasure was almost too much for Drew to bear and with one final thrust, he let out a satisfied grunt and spilled his seed inside me.

As his cum flooded my pussy, I sighed happily. Now that all three of them were done, they removed themselves from me, and I lay there basking in my pleasure while loving the sensation of being filled with all of their cum in every hole possible.

I collapsed into all of their arms afterward, feeling as if I could use a good rest.

“Not so fast, our slutty little reindeer,” Drew said sternly, in that authoritative tone of voice that I loved. “We aren’t done with you yet.”

I was beginning to worry that I’d never be done fantasizing about them, and wishing that we could really do this in real life for Christmas—and continue all year long.

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Filled Up…By My Three Bosses