Skylar Mason

Heroes In Love

I love to help Zane save lives when I volunteer with the EMTs. He’s a paramedic and an alpha wolf-shifter. And he’s also one of the sexiest men I’ve ever met. Tall and muscular, he carries people to safety. But often, I want to be the one in his strong arms. He looks at me … Read More

Defending the Wolf

My cousins and I are park rangers. It’s the perfect cover for a pack of wolves. It allows us to roan and to protect our homeland. But then we find ourselves being sued by humans. And we turn to an unusual pack member for help. Candace is unlike any other wolf shifter I’ve ever met. … Read More

Fireman Shifter

Kyle is the fireman of my dreams. He’s as strong and hot as the flames he just put out. And meeting him starts another fire… in my heart. He promises he won’t extinguish that one. Because he’s not just a man but also a wolf. And he lets me in on a secret: I’m his … Read More

Medic Shifter

I’ve had a crush on Zane, a wolf shifter, for years. I volunteer where he works as a paramedic. And I always hope to ride in the ambulance with him. He’s so big and strong and attractive. Just the kind of guy you want to save your life. I know he’s attracted to me, too. … Read More

Officer Shifter

He says I’m his one true mate, but he’s everything I fear. Can we overcome our pasts to have a future together?   I moved to Red Oak Den to understand my heritage. My father was a wolf shifter. But he was ashamed of me for being human. His cruelty made me afraid of all … Read More

Alphas in Love

After being scarred too often, I’ve given up on love. But then Dakota walks into my office looking for protection. And I can’t take my eyes off her curvy body or full lips. She’s a client and a human. So I need to say no. But the poor girl is in trouble and wants comfort. … Read More

Shifters In Love

Bella looks up at me in fear. I know she’s scared to be in Red Oaks Den. This is where the shifters live. Humans like her aren’t welcome. But there’s something special about this girl. Her gorgeous face and curvy body are perfect. I’m drawn to her so badly I’m almost acting like an animal. … Read More

Billionaire Shifter

My grandmother has warned me about Red Oak Den for years. It’s where the shifters live, and humans are not welcome. However, I find myself alone in an old mansion. Right after my boyfriend dumps me at a party. Dante asks me to dance. Just one dance and then I can leave. How can I … Read More

Forbidden Shifter

Every night I see Dwayne in the woods outside, I can’t help but fantasize about him. Part man, part wolf, the shifter is everything I need in my life. He’s strong, handsome, and furiously protective. However, his world is not mine. I don’t understand it and it scares me. I try to resist my urges … Read More

Caged Shifter

From the moment I saw Max rip out of his hospital gown, I knew I wanted him to be more than my patient. The handsome, muscular man is haunted by a bad accident. As a nurse, and a woman, I want to ease his pain. To comfort his sadness with kisses. And hold his huge … Read More