Second Chance

Back to Take What’s His

He came back for me on Thanksgiving. But by Christmas he still wasn’t done with me yet. My ex left to play basketball at college. But he couldn’t stay away from me. He was back to claim my virginity. And to make a little fantasy of ours come true… He wants me tied up on … Read More

Back at You: A Second Chance Curvy Virgin and Bad Boy Sports Romance

One serving just wasn’t enough… He’s back for second helpings. Kara I can’t believe my ex is back this Thanksgiving. We were madly in love in high school. And we did all kinds of hot, kinky things together. Even though he never popped my cherry. Then Adam left for to play basketball at a college out of … Read More

Falling For You

But which one should I spend the holiday with? Or maybe I don’t have to choose. They each want me just as much as I want them. And it seems they’re willing to share. As they both pleasure me, I’m in heaven. And I don’t want to come back down to earth. That’s where we … Read More

Daddy’s Home

We were high school sweethearts that her cruel dad broke up. He forced her to marry a jerk for his own financial benefit. Now, I’ve tried my best to move on without her. But I can’t forget her amazing curves or her gorgeous eyes. I concentrate on college and on becoming a forensic detective. All … Read More

Warm with Him Box Set

This box set features some of our HOTTEST wintertime reads, plus an ALL NEW bonus story! There’s a chill in the air, but even the winter season can’t cool down the heat in these steamy stories! In Mountain Man’s Baby, things go from cozy to downright steamy in this isolated cabin when he convinces her … Read More

Holiday Redemption Volume 2 Box Set Collection

In these four books, three different couples get a second chance at love- not to mention a way to fulfill a lot of pent-up lust- during a holiday. In Love Bunny, her ex wants to put his eggs in her basket this Easter, but she’s carrying a little secret of her own! In Irish Cream, … Read More

A Very Dirty Valentine’s Day Box Set

Here in one box set are three sweet yet spicy Valentine’s Day-themed books by some of your favorite Sizzling Hot Reads authors! Each leading lady gets two very special treats from her bad boy: hot sex AND a happy ever after! In Sold on Valentine’s Day, Celeste is surprised to find that her virginity will … Read More

Second Chance Halloween

This Halloween, I’m facing a ghost from my past… Patrick was the love of my life, And I foolishly walked away to pursue career dreams in New York City. But when I get a call from the local sheriff, It’s the voice that’s been haunting me all these years. When I go home to attend … Read More

Hard Rock Christmas

A few weeks before Christmas, my life changes suddenly at a photo shoot. The photographer’s assistant is the hottest girl I’ve ever seen. I drop everything to try to f*ck her. But she shoots me down with one look. Then I suddenly remember her from High School. Ellie was the only girl I asked out … Read More

Vanished Valentine

He was the tall, quiet, sexy boy in school, and I was the popular girl. Every look he gave me told me that there was something between us, a connection that wouldn’t ever go away. After one kiss, though, he was gone. Vanished without a word. But I couldn’t ever let him out of my … Read More