Sizzling Hot Favorites Collection

Your favorite Sizzling Hot Reads authors have chosen their favorite books for you to enjoy. These are standalone erotic romance books that can each be read and understood on their own. Together, they make for a fun few days of reading, as long as you have a fan nearby because it’s going to get HOT! … Read More

Wed in Vegas

Everything between Ryan and me is going great. We have out of this world, mind-blowing sex. And our wedding is planned perfectly, since he’s rolling in dough. I can’t wait to get married to him in just a few days. But I miss my family back home in Russia. And I’ve been itching to start … Read More

Won at the Poker Table

 The Vulture is the most evil man I know. But when he dangles his latest catch in front of me, I can’t resist. Illusion has the face of an angel and a body made for the city of sin. Just the sight of her makes me hard and I can hardly keep myself in control. … Read More

Won at the Blackjack Table

After the hottest phone call of my life, I never expected to see her in person. And working for a man I despise. She asks me if I want a Latin lover. But I already knew the answer as soon as I laid eyes on her. I’ll do whatever it fucking takes to make her … Read More

Won at the Roulette Table

It all started out as a joke, or so I thought. She said she would give me her body if I won at Roulette, and I did. Now she is my obsession. A sexy exotic dancer who dances best on my pole. I love to lick her and savor her flavor. But Candy isn’t as … Read More

Won at the Craps Table

Sasha is an exotic dream brought all the way from Russia. I own a bunny ranch and she’s up for grabs. I’m given two weeks to taste her and see if she’s up to my standard flavor. It’s an offer I can’t refuse, so I become her temporary captor. I sink my teeth and c*ck … Read More

Inked in the Past

I’ve always hated my brother’s opponent; he basically killed him. Now, years later, my brother has left instructions to deliver a mysterious letter to his former rival. So I have no choice but to face the “killer wrestler” again. But I don’t expect him to be so hot. Next thing I know, a drunken night in Vegas leads to holy matrimony… between me and my brother’s killer! Can our unlikely, fragile relationship last when I finally learn what’s in that letter?