Lucky in Love Series

Steamy holiday/seasonal themed romance novels featuring someone who gets very lucky once they meet the love of their life!

Lucky Harvest

I can’t believe my bad luck when my car breaks down. I was on my way into work and now I’ll lose my shift. But I’m surprised when a handsome hottie pulls up. He’s in a fancy BMW and he’s here to help. It turns out my mysterious hero needs a favor in return. His … Read More

Lucky Pumpkin

I’ve always had a crush on Josh Staley. But he was my youth pastor, and therefore off limits. None of the boys my age could compare to him. He’s handsome, muscular and confident. But it doesn’t matter because we can’t do anything. Until I turn eighteen and run into him at a pumpkin patch. Now … Read More

Lucky Fall

What do you do when a date goes bad? You run out of the restaurant, of course. But if you’re me, you’ll be sure to mess up the exit. By running smack into someone on your way out. And not just any old someone. But the hottest guy you’ve ever seen! He breaks my fall … Read More

Lucky Charm

One day I’m at Starbucks, minding my own business, studying for an audition. Suddenly a gorgeous stranger heads straight to my table. She says her name is Hazel. That her ex cheated on her with her best friend. And that they’ve both just entered the coffee shop! “Please pretend to be my boyfriend so I … Read More

Lucky Bunny

Tessa has a heart of gold and curves that are worth even more. Fate brings us together during desperate times. She needs money to rebuild her school for disabled kids. And I need a fake wife, to inherit my father’s business. I decide to make her a deal she can’t refuse. Fake marry me on … Read More

Lucky Prince

Here I am, getting married but short a wife. I’ll be stripped of my crown unless I can snag one. Luckily I have the funds to pay handsomely for the right stand-in. This should be easy, right? Word has definitely gotten out. Everyone wants to be my new bride. But when I find the perfect … Read More

Lucky Daddy

Anyone looking in on my life from the outside would think I have it made. It’s true that I have money, status and fame. And any woman I could want. But in my world it’s hard to find a woman to trust or truly love. So I’d given up on looking. Until I met Janelle. … Read More

Lucky Soldier

Kyle and I grew up together in a small town. His little sister Sommer used to be a pesky tag-along. Then he and I served in the military, fighting overseas. He didn’t make it, and his last words were to take care of Sommer. When I get back home, I find that his baby sis … Read More

Lucky Firecracker

I was starting my life completely over. The last thing I needed was a new guy in it. Let alone a fake fiancée. Yet there he was, a client at an office where I had a job interview. When I heard he needed to a fake girlfriend, I stepped up to the task. In fact, I stepped right … Read More

Lucky New Year

I’ve been unlucky at love and relationships. So I decided to spend New Year’s Eve with my parents. We’re supposed to go to a cheesy ski resort party we used to go to when I was young. But it’s snowing and my car skids off the road on the way up there. Imagine my surprise … Read More