Cammie Collins

Filled Up…By My Three Bosses

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Taken on the Office Desk…By My Three Bosses

“You know you like it,” he said. “Stop putting up a fight.” “Yes, Boss,” I said, and it was easy for me to back down because the pain was already turning into pleasure. This story is a bonus scene for my book Unwrapped…By My Three Bosses. Were you wondering what Rosalyn was thinking about in the … Read More

Triple Connection: An MFMM Reverse Harem Romance

One little click and my whole life has been turned upside down… by three hot, billionaire triplet brothers who want to share me! I’m crushed when my boyfriend dumps me for still being a virgin. At first, I’m upset because he calls me a drag. But then I realize that maybe I do need to loosen up–just … Read More

Triple Inspiration: A MFMM Reverse Harem Romance

My fantasies are supposed to stay on the page…  Alpha bad boys, women in peril, and scorching hot scenes are just part of my job as a writer. But when ideas for my books start to dry up, my friend drags me to a hot new club to let my hair down. And maybe even … Read More

Filling Her Steins: MFMMMMM Reverse Harem Romance

Six strapping billionaires want to show me a good time at Oktoberfest. I’m surprised when they all shower me with so much attention. I mean, I know they want to tear off my lederhosen. And at first I figure it’s all about seeing what’s underneath my dirndl. But soon I find out their feelings run deeper than … Read More

Double Stuffed: MFM Menage Romance

They want to share my treats. In this challenge to prove that my sweets are the best in the business, I know I’ll come out on top… or underneath both judges at once! I just opened my first bakery and I’m a huge hit. People line up outside my door just for a taste. And … Read More

Claimed By My Three Bosses

They say they want the world to see that I’m theirs. But have some people seen a little too much? My three bosses and I got a little carried away. They had already taken my virginity in private. But then they claimed me in public, for all our colleagues to see. Someone has ratted us … Read More

Untied…By My Three Bosses

My bosses aren’t just rocking around the Christmas tree. They’re tying me up to it to have their way with me. The three hot co-owners where I work have enjoyed sharing me. So much so that they want to publicly claim me. By taking me while my co-workers watch. Now when I say I’m tied … Read More