Thankful for My Two Bosses

This Thanksgiving, my two billionaire bosses want to stuff me double full. I’m having an awful day and I need to get to work and then home to cook Thanksgiving dinner. But a big Maine snowstorm is slowing me down. As are the antics of my young son and narcissistic mother, both of whom seem … Read More

Full of Strength

I’ve had to leave home and have nowhere to go. Luckily my boss has some ideas in mind. I knew things weren’t going well with my boyfriend. But inertia and being able to split rent kept me stuck. Until one night he’s drunk and takes a swing at me. I know then that I’m done … Read More

My Billionaire Boss

My billionaire boss is keeping me under lock and key!   My new landlord just kicked me out of my apartment. So, my boss offers to take me into his enormous mansion. He says I can work from home as his “assistant.” But he wants me to assist him with more than just paperwork! How … Read More


JESSICA: My boss Walter is such a grump. A workaholic who has ridiculously high standards. And who is prone to anger, with a bad temper. Not to mention cocky as hell. So why do I find myself so turned on by him? One night we both have to work late in the office. And it … Read More

Full of Dreams

I’ve been dreaming of the hottest woman. She makes my nights amazing after long, hard days at work. But she’s only a figment of my imagination. Or so I think. Until my assistant quits, and I need a new one. And the woman of my dreams shows up for an interview. What are the chances? … Read More

Car Full of Steam

I just lost my job and am determined to get a better one. So, I show up unannounced at Reed & Co. to apply. The PR company is one of the biggest firms in Ohio. But they have no work for a young secretary like me. Until Seth sees me and hires me on the … Read More

Fully Claimed

I have three easy rules for dating: 1. No divorced guys. 2. No single dads. 3. And definitely no falling in love. But I’ve been working for sexy Collin France. And he makes me want to break every single one of them! The workplace issue is another reason to stay away. Plus, he’s much older … Read More


Our clients have advertising demands this time of year. But that’s no reason for Jayden to be a scrooge! Yet something about me must melt his heart. Just like something about him melts my panties. Because he’s doing everything that he can to get near me. And I’m trying my best to stay away. Because … Read More

Working Harder

My new, older boss is so demanding. He wants to be in control of my every move. However, when he tells me to give him my virginity, I can’t resist the order. Now we are working morning, noon, and night. He’s got me tied up in more than paperwork. But no one can know! We … Read More

Working Hard

My boss’s proposition is surprising. Sure, we’ve been flirting for a while. But anything more is forbidden. We’d both lose our jobs. And he’s twice my age. Yet I can’t help but give in. I’ve never done it before. And he’s good at teaching me things. We agree to have just one time together. I … Read More