Island Secret Baby

My billionaire boss Crispin is sexy, cocky and domineering. I like to follow his every command. But we have to keep our relationship on the downlow. While the company tries to keep a big client. It’s a really bad time to find out I’m pregnant. How can I possibly tell Crispin? I think I might … Read More

Drenched with My Fake Fianceé

I came to Hawaii to work for my billionaire boss. He liked me so much he made me his pet. I love doing whatever he wants. It’s fun when he grabs my @ss. And puts his c#ck down my throat. The forbidden nature of our relationship is fun too. But now someone wants to make … Read More

Drenched with Him on Labor Day

When I started working for Crispin, I knew something was off. I had no office experience. And basically no life experience, either. The job paid very well, and included a free flight to Hawaii. Therefore, I assumed I’d be more than a secretary. That was fine with me, because I was ready to lose my … Read More

Island Virgin

CRISPIN: My friend Reo and I co-founded Black Springs investment company. Now, we’ve become billionaires and get to work hard, play hard in Honolulu. I’ve been working so hard, I could use some help. I’m impressed when an agency brings me Rachel McDonald. She’s smart, hard-working and she has gorgeous curves. I just want to … Read More

Wet with Him

When my boyfriend took me to a fancy dinner, I thought he was going to propose. Instead, he told me he’d been sleeping with someone else and we broke up! Then I was offered a promotion at work that required me to go to Hawaii. I couldn’t wait to get out of California fast enough. … Read More

Wet Wedding

In Hawaii, there’s always the threat of an island storm. And they say that rain on one’s wedding day brings good luck. But as my own special day approaches, I’m wondering what else could possibly go wrong between Reo and me. He and I have had a turbulent history, including an Easter party that turned … Read More

Wet Honeymoon

I did what I wasn’t supposed to do. Slept with my older, super rich boss. But it actually turned out well. We’re still together and still having lots of sex. And his big c*ck still feels amazing. We’re even married now. With a baby on the way. And finally able to take our big honeymoon, … Read More

Island Baby

I was stranded on an island with my boss. Reo was so hot I couldn’t resist his cocky come-ons. I have never regretted giving into him. The sex is hotter than the island weather. And the ocean water always cools us off. We made a surprise baby together. Finally, we got married. Now the baby’s … Read More