Claimed By My Three Bosses

They say they want the world to see that I’m theirs. But have some people seen a little too much? My three bosses and I got a little carried away. They had already taken my virginity in private. But then they claimed me in public, for all our colleagues to see. Someone has ratted us … Read More

Buying Her Curves at the Auction Box Set – Books 1-3

I can buy anything I want. And I want to claim her curves. For good. When people hear “auction,” they usually think antiques. But Club Curves deals in something different. The club caters to men like me, with particular tastes. Billionaires who love curvy, beautiful virgins. It’s the perfect arrangement for the woman and me. … Read More

Out of His League Complete Series Box Set Collection

Her dad will kill me if I touch her. Yet I plan to do a lot more than that to her. I’m the star quarterback on my football team. And Chelsea is my coach’s daughter. He says she’s off limits for any player to date. But I’m not just any f*cking player. I go after … Read More

Two Rival Wolves

They each want my help and they both want me. Maybe the three of us can work out a mutually beneficial deal. I’m in Bethel Forest, far from home. Melchior’s the alpha wolf shifter who called me here. And he’s also supposed to be my guide. But he won’t even let me know why he … Read More

Full of Strength

I’ve had to leave home and have nowhere to go. Luckily my boss has some ideas in mind. I knew things weren’t going well with my boyfriend. But inertia and being able to split rent kept me stuck. Until one night he’s drunk and takes a swing at me. I know then that I’m done … Read More


  I’m an artist working at an ad company to pay my bills. The only good part about the job is my hot boss. He’s older than me and very strict. But sizzling lust lurks beneath his stern demeanor. When I find out he’s a novelist, I’m in love. He’s suffering from a bad case … Read More

Lucky Harvest

I can’t believe my bad luck when my car breaks down. I was on my way into work and now I’ll lose my shift. But I’m surprised when a handsome hottie pulls up. He’s in a fancy BMW and he’s here to help. It turns out my mysterious hero needs a favor in return. His … Read More

Lucky Pumpkin

I’ve always had a crush on Josh Staley. But he was my youth pastor, and therefore off limits. None of the boys my age could compare to him. He’s handsome, muscular and confident. But it doesn’t matter because we can’t do anything. Until I turn eighteen and run into him at a pumpkin patch. Now … Read More

Eight In The Sand

I came to California on a business trip for work. But I found pleasure instead. In the strong arms of seven sexy men. They want to teach me how to surf. And a lot of other things, too. Like how to let them share and pleasure me. While they share and pleasure each other, too. … Read More

Seven In The Sand

I’ve been seeing multiple surfers all at the same time. And by “seeing,” I mean f*cking. They’ve been sharing me, and each other. I love how all their c*cks feel inside me at once. Ever since I met Adin, I’ve been experiencing such pleasure. And he’s introduced me to more and more of his boyfriends. … Read More