An Alpha In A Pear Tree

I’ve never had a life and sadly I still have my v-card. Then I find out that giving it up can help me gain magical powers. This Christmas, things will get a lot more interesting for me! Not to mention steamy AF!   I’ve been sheltered and bored my whole life. My mom died when … Read More

Back to Take What’s His

He came back for me on Thanksgiving. But by Christmas he still wasn’t done with me yet. My ex left to play basketball at college. But he couldn’t stay away from me. He was back to claim my virginity. And to make a little fantasy of ours come true… He wants me tied up on … Read More

Thankful for My Two Bosses

This Thanksgiving, my two billionaire bosses want to stuff me double full. I’m having an awful day and I need to get to work and then home to cook Thanksgiving dinner. But a big Maine snowstorm is slowing me down. As are the antics of my young son and narcissistic mother, both of whom seem … Read More

Spring Has Sprung

The weather is so nice… that something’s come out to play. As things are warming up outside, they’re also heating up in the office. My new boss is so rich. And so hot. I need to stay far away, though. And not just because he’s a player. But also because I could lose my job. … Read More

Rough Ride

When I see Nova on the side of the road, it’s like a match made in Heaven… or Hell. Because she could get me into a lot of trouble. Still, I’m Irish and it’s St. Patrick’s Day. And I can’t help but think she’s my lucky charm. Her curvy ass cheeks peek out from her … Read More

Full of Dreams

I’ve been dreaming of the hottest woman. She makes my nights amazing after long, hard days at work. But she’s only a figment of my imagination. Or so I think. Until my assistant quits, and I need a new one. And the woman of my dreams shows up for an interview. What are the chances? … Read More


Our clients have advertising demands this time of year. But that’s no reason for Jayden to be a scrooge! Yet something about me must melt his heart. Just like something about him melts my panties. Because he’s doing everything that he can to get near me. And I’m trying my best to stay away. Because … Read More

Full of Desire

My new assistant, Victoria, is off the charts hot. And soon I can’t stop flirting with her. I want my hands all over those curves of hers. But I have to keep them to myself as her boss. Until I decide to become her new mentor. There’s an upcoming retreat, so I assign Victoria as … Read More


I’m a new advertising executive at Reed & Co. And I’m assigned an annoying task: To plan a company-wide Fourth of July party. My secretary, Bea, is great at helping. We meet at my house to work on it. And decide we’ll make the event a pool party. But my pool isn’t the only thing … Read More

Buying Her Curves and Her Freedom

As a self-made billionaire, I live for work. My friends have to convince me to lighten up. They take me to Club Curves on the Fourth of July. It’s where billionaires buy virgins. But I’m not interested. It’s stupid that any of us should pay for a date. But then I see Jen’s perfect hourglass … Read More